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CH. 10 Traitor (Part I)
AUTHOR: Hokuto-sama/A(R)
SUMMARY: None. Theres no actual Story yet =_= Dont grammar Nazi on me yos XDD
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Chapter 10: TRAITOR (Part I)

He glared at me, a mixture of both pain and sadness. I could feel it. People were pushing me, camera men all over the place. No regrets in the end though.

My whole body was shaking as we hid behind the Magic castle. Chansung squeezed my hand in reassurance, something he had been doing since he took it a few minutes ago. I couldn't think of what we had to do but I know we had to leave. I took a peek from behind, Karisa and Chansung doing the same thing. There must be a way out of here that I probably had missed. I saw a peek at a corner at the very edge, an exit of sorts it seems. My eyes widened when I realized there was a janitor like person leaving through that door. Could that possibly be a secluded place to get out? I Turned to see if there was security around. There was some, but these security who were already here didn't look like the one chasing us. I took back my words as one of the security dressed like the ones from the hotel handed the other a cup of something. Fuck. The whole place was definitely surrounded.
"What are we gonna do?" I heard Karisa say. Chansung hadn't said anything, and I didn't want to tell him anything. In true honesty, I didn't want to because.....well....dude was holding my hand and I didn't want him to let go. I really want to punch my self for being so delusional. I discreetly turned to see if he was looking around, and my heart almost stopped. Oh god, why is he so damn gorgeous? the Light wasn't shining so bright behind here, so it only lit half his face. The other half I could see.....His eyes were concentrating on different spots. I love the serious look on a guy. His hair was over his eye, a bit messed up but almost right out of a photoshoot. The jacket loosely over his body, the arm with the hand he was holding mine with was pushed upwards. I blushed, then quickly turned away as he spotted me eyes on him. Goddammit. I actually pulled my hand away and didn't say anything, and quickly de-clouded my cloudy brain to think of something. We had to get to that exit.
"I think if we can make it to that exit right there we could get to the outside" I said to no one in particular.
"What makes you think that will get us outside? it could lead somewhere else" Chansung said, staring at the same place. Has he no common sense or was he blind?
"If you had payed enough attention, you would realize that the guy that went out put on a really thick coat just now. If he was still inside, would he put it on?" I said. Logic. He scoffed.
"Oh Bullshit. Guy might just be cold, that doesn't mean he's going out. It IS freezing." He said, wanna be matter of factly. Idiocy is such amusement. I Turned and glared at him, not saying anything again.
"I think we can make it, these guards look too stupid to pay attention" Karisa added, interrupting our death glare contest. She was right. The Guards were pretty much.....apart from huge, they looked like they wouldn't even bother. It was the other More fit and more dangerous looking guard nearest by that scared me. Well, my damn. I really think he had a gun under that outfit. I saw a glossy peak at something from the distance.
"I don't really think we have a choice." I said. It was true. there was only one thing we had to do to get out of here.
"I think I got an idea" I heard Chansung say, making both Karisa and me turn to see him.
"I'm scared of your ideas" I said, remembering his plan on RUNNING AWAY from paying at the Pizza place.
"Shut up, we have no choice either way, you said so" he said. I sighed. I actually felt more nervous knowing my fate lies in his hands, but I couldn't really say anything against it. He was right, and it was just a matter of time before they found us. I dislike agreeing that he was right. He's not right, we're just desperate enough to go along with his crazy shenanigans.
"Yeah I know, it got a little out of hand" I heard him say. He was talking on the phone at a time like this?!?! I just wish he could lower his voice so they don't catch us, that idiot! I was about to say something but he continued.
"Yeah, Yeah, you can tell me all the shit you want, but you gotta give me a hand. We're gonna get caught if I don't do something" He said, glancing towards the assumed exit. He sighed heavily and hung up right after, just to dial and start talking again.
"Yeah, I need a cab. Lotte World Hotel. I'm wearing...." he started then glanced at me. "I have no sleeves and I'm not wearing a coat, so hurry, call me back at this number when you're outside please" he said. What in the world is going on? And why did he use my description?!?!
"What are you doing?" I said.
"I told you. I have a plan, so trust me, ok?" he said, with a wink. I turned tomato red, trying to surpress my blush at his ridiculously cheesy and idiotic action. He must have noticed I was glaring at him as soon as my blush left.
"Well what did you want me to do?! If I said 'Oh I'm Hwang Chansung, follow the large crowd of paparazzi and you'll find me there' I think we would've gotten caught" He said. I put my finger over my mouh to signal him that he was being too fucking loud.
"Will you stay quiet already!?!" I said. We had to wait to see what was it that he was planning. Chansung took out his phone once more, and I thought he was about to make one more call, but instead he pushed the buttons to it, making sure that it was in vibrate. Better have done that. I don't know about how much time passed. I sat on the floor with karisa on my side, Chansung standing at the farthest end. Karisa turned to me.
"What was that?" she asked me, a smile on her face. Huh?
"what was what?" I asked in curiosity. She was about to speak but was interrupted by the buzzing sound of Chansungs phone vibrating. Karisa had a phone of her own and that phone also started to buzz. My poor heart, once again, was beating like a drum.
"The Cabs here, we have to go to it now" I heard Chansung say, extending his hands to me and Karisa. She took it and he helped her up, but I passed and Stood on my own. I don't need him to help me up. Pfft.
"Honestly so much pride" he said, scoffing. I was in no mood to be bullshitting with him again so I ignored it.
"You wont have to deal with my pride as soon as we get out of here" I said to him. He turned around and all three of us stared at the exit, waiting for the Guards to turn on the opposite direction. I was begging to the gods for a distraction of sorts. I don't know, something that would make them go somewhere else while we ran to the taxi. Suddenly, the place was struck cold by a very loud scream. Alot of people seemed to stop in their tracks. I don't know what happened but this is definitely not what I had in mind. The Guards who had been standing there were brought to alert as soon as they heard the very Anguish filled scream and Ran to the direction of the sound. You gotta be kidding me.....
"Lets go! they're distracted" I heard Karisa say, as both she and Chansung dashed ahead of me.
"What happened?!" I said, running right after them.
"I don't know but I don't really want to find out" I heard Chansung say turning quickly. We made our way past the very few people on this side and then we ran far enough to see the sign of Exit on top of the questioned door. Chansung, who of course had the longest legs of us three, made it first and made an effort to open the door, Failing.
"The Door is locked!" He said, a bit of anguish on his voice, more like Anger really. We stopped infront of him, attempting to open it, but also failed.
"What are we gonna do?!" I said. Do we really have that much bad luck?!
"Quick Hide!" he said. I didn't bother to turn, so I just followed to the nearest corner to an area with a large wall nearest to the door. Another staff person was making his way towards the door, opening it and walking through it.
"We gotta catch that door before it closes" I said. It was at that moment that I noticed Karisa wasn't with us. I turned around to see past him, since Chansung was behind me, and still no signs of her.
"Wheres Karisa?"
"Tails!" I heard, on the other side. There was a sort of Bush nearer to the entrance.
"I got the door, hurry up you two" She mouthed and said low enough for only her to hear, but making signs obvious enough for us to understand her signal. Chansung walked ahead of me and as we reached the door, we made sure we weren't seen before we exited to the cold outside. I sighed in relief.
"This trip is gonna be the death of me" I said to no one in particular.
"You'll be even more dead if we don't hurry to that cab. Its our only way out of here"
"Honestly, I don't know what you're planning but--"
"Shut up and walk, you" he said. The cab was right at the entrance. While I tried to recover, Chansung seemed to have called the cab driver to this side, and all three of us slipped inside it.
I made sure I wasn't sitting nex to Chansung because I'm sure this time, I would definitely chop his head off, so Karisa was sitting in the middle.
"Where to?" The cab driver said. Devil Incarnate got a card from his pocket and handed it to the driver.
"Take us here please." he said and sat back as the cab started to move. He put his face mask back on and sighed in relief, putting his head on the seat. Karisa was wiping off some excess sweat. I just sat there not knowing what to think. Where in the world are we going?

"Is Hyung here?" I heard Chansung respond.
I don't know exactly where we were, why we were here or what we were doing there for that matter, but from the looks of this place, it looked like an office. As soon we got off the taxi, Chansung walked ahead of both me and Karisa inside this tall building. It was still cold outside, it was still dark out and I couldn't even see if there was a street sign or something. At first I thought it might be another smaller hotel, but once we stepped inside, it gave me the sensation that this place might be a studio of sorts, judging from the Man who walked in with three huge speakers. Either that or they were about to throw one hell of a party.
"Were have you been?" We heard all of a sudden, Both me and karisa turning, but I saw Chansung didn't.
"Hyung..." he said.
"Don't Hyung me. Where the hell have you been? Do you know how worried everyone was?" He replied coldly. It was a man who looked old enough to be his father, Wrinkly skin, A bit of grey hair growing, but he wore pants and a large sweater. Maybe a dancer?
"I'll tell you why I did this later. Is Jin young Hyung here?" Chansung said. I was in a bit of a traumatizing trance right now, unable to do anything but sit at the side like a lifeless doll, following Chansung around. Karisa seemed to be more familiar with the place, so at the moment when I turned to see her, she let out a sigh of frustration and boredom low enough for only her and I to notice.
"He's not, and you're damned lucky he isn't. You know what he would've done to you" The man started. Chansung turned around and made his way down a long hall. We followed suit, since we really didn't know what to do with ourselves.
"Where are we going?" I finally said. This was driving me insane.
"I have to talk really quickly with someone and then we can go hide for a bit" he said, not turning, looking around.
"Why can't you tell us were we're going though?" I insisted. He hadn't answered my question. I didn't have a clue were we were, or what was going to happen. My mind kept wondering back to my friends.
"Will you shut up and stop asking already?" He said, glaring back at me. I pouted. I can't believe I did. But I did it and I think that I will end up doing this alot more often than I liked.
"Bastard...." I said to myself, making Karisa snicker and making Chansung turn again to send me another glare. We arrived at the end of the hall. Maybe it was because it was a studio, as I discovered once I spotted the open empty room, but there were too many people here. My Nightmare come to life didn't seem to mind though, as no one seemed to pay attention to him much, past the questioning looks of course. He HAD gone missing and suddenly turns up like nothing, that definitely has to make them wonder.
"You have alot of explaining to do" Karisa told Chansung once he stood infront of a specific door.
"Shut up Dongsaeng" he said. He turned the knob and I pretty much was about to have the most massive heart attack that anyone could ever be possible to have.
"Chan..." Nichkhun.........I heard his soft melodic voice say. Oh my heart, be still.
"Aish, where the hell did you go??" I heard Taecyeon say anguish and anger all meshed up in his hot and manly deep voice. This was unreal. So Unreal. I not only had a heart attack, since as soon as I spotted Junho sitting down, a worried look plastered all over his face, I realized that love at first sight was definitely possible.
"Not right now......don't say anything Hyung...." Chansung continued annoyed and embarrased in one. He was in a hurry to talk it seems. Whatever for.....?
"I need the keys to the dorm"
"You have a set"
"I kinda lost them thanks to someone..." He said and turned to me. I was too dumbfounded, especially since I could see Khun standing the closest to me. Honestly, he's soooooo much prettier and cuter and....
"Don't blame her, you idiot" I heard Karisa say. I was in a really stupified state of trance at the moment that all I could really do was listen.
"Why did I know you would be involved on this, Dongsaeng?" I heard Taec say. IN PERFECT ENGLISH, placing his hands on his sides in an accusatory manner.
"I have absolutely nothing to do with this. I'm just a third wheel" She said defensively.
"Third wheel? whos the other wheel?" Taecyeon said, then turning to see the obvious stranger in the room.
"Thats Tails. She's Chansungs Girlfriend" I heard Karisa say. That was enough to snap me out of my trance and I shot her a death glare.
"Please hyung, we don't have much time. Jin young Hyung is coming this way isn't he?" Chansung say. Wait a minute....
"Are we going to...." I said randomly.
"Fine. You have alot to explain to us when we get to the dorm. Hurry up and go now, through the back no one will see you" Taec said to him, getting the keys out of his pocket. I stared at the three Angels in front of me. Taecyeon had a large sweater, grey with the Michigan State letters all over the front, some jeans and a cap. Khun had a similar attire, except his sweater was pink and his pants were white. Junho had white shirt on and his hair was a mess, baggy sweats and Nikes. Taecyeon turned to me and smiled at me suddenly and I smiled back to be polite but....internally I was about ready to scream and jump and fangirl, which was Normal.
Yes. That would've been normal. I felt a yank on my arm, and spotted Karisa pulling me along as she and Chansung walked ahead. We went through a maze of halls until we reached what seemed to be the exit, then went around the front to where the cab was still waiting. My brain was not functioning so if anything else happened in between the moment we stood outside the building and to know in what seemed to be 2PM's dorm, I don't remember.
It was exactly like they showed it in the episodes of wild bunny I had seen some time ago. A pile of stuffed animals was in the corner of the living room. You would think that pure children live on this place. It was dim litted, until The lights brightened the place up a bit. I spotted The Huge bunny that Jay had hugged in the first episode in the floor, upside down, a bit more torn. What are they doing to that poor Plush? Karisa walked right in and made herself more comfortable. I noticed that she knew them pretty closely, so I suppose this wasn't as weird for her as it was for me. It definitely felt like I was intruding someones life, and technically I was but I wasn't the one to ask to come here, it was the DEVIL that walked back in the room, holding a glass of Juice in his hand and then walking over to me. What is he, five? Juice? Really?
"What are you doing just standing there? go sit or something" he said to me and started walking. I couldn't though, this was too odd and I didn't feel comfortable in this situation. I just stood there in the the place nearest to both the door and the couch Karisa sat on. He turned and gave me a confused look.
"Go sit down, Tails" he insisted.
"I can't, this is too weird" I responded despite myself. I shouldn't have said anything because he let out a frustrated sigh and walked over to me forcing me to sit in between Him and Karisa.
"We'll just wait out a bit and then we can go back to the hotel" he told me as if trying to assure my nerves. That didn't though. I left all my things in the hotel, and even worse, my friends were there by themselves. Sure, maybe this would work out for us, but what about them? I just couldn't relax, this is something that I dragged them into and I can't just sit here to save myself. I shook my head and stood up again, a surprised look on both Karisa and Chansungs faces. I have to go back to the hotel no matter what. I know its packed of security and all, but this was my problem, I couldn't let Min, Emily, Alma, Sam.....I can't just let them take my burden. Chansung grabbed my arm before I could walk away.
"Where are you going?" he said, annoyed. I shook my head.
"I can't just stay here, I have to go back to the hotel" I said. What the hell? his hand gripped my arm stronger.
"But they're looking for you--"
"It doesn't matter, The others are still right there" I said back to him, making him shut up.
"We'll find a way to help them out, just wait a bit until it quiets down over there" he told me and let me go. I couldn't just do that, what's so hard to understand?! I'm not one to give MY friends problems, like he had done with the 2pm members.
"You don't understand do ya?" I said at him, I didn't want to yell but it was really hard. Doesn't he fuckin get it?
"Of course I understand. Aren't we in the same mess?" he told me. I stopped. My head felt horrible again and I felt like I was about to fall down. The room looked like it was about to collapse on itself, making me dizzy enough to lose balance once more, but this time before I could reach the floor, he stood up and helped me.
"Aish you stubborn girl. See? you're sick again" He told me, carrying me to sit on the couch again, his arm around my waist and mine over his shoulder.
"I hate you, do you know that? this is all your fault...." I said to him. That stuffy and warping feeling coming back to me the way that it had been not long ago. I felt a hand over my forehead, just like before, but this time the touch was much softer.
"She has a fever" I heard Karisas voice echo. I hate you immune system, I really do.
"She had one probably a day and a half ago too" he added....or echoed. I also hate my hearing at the moment.
"Go lay her down, I'll make something to get her fever down" Karisa told him before she stood up...I think. I'm in my dumbzone again.
"I knew you would" he said to her, once again helping me to my feet so he could carry me properly.
"I can walk" I slurred. Even in this situation, My heart felt like it would burst.
"Shut up" he said as he opened the door in front of him and placing me in the nearest bed. I flopped down, my arms open, trying to breathe. I felt a warmth over my body as Chansung placed a blanket over me.
"I'll come get you when the others come" he told me, and I snuggled whoevers blanket this was before everything went black.

I don't understand some dreams. In my fever slumber, I could swear I smelled food. I moved and realized that was no dream, however.
"Hey.." I heard, and then I opened my eyes.
"Ah you're awake now..?" I saw a very gorgeous person tell me. I blinked in confusion. Where was I again?
"Huh?" I squeezed out my closed throat before the door swung open.
"Yah, wake up, you're bothering Khun" the voice told me, before I realized that the angel sitting infront of me was none other than Nichkhun Horvejkil himself and the voice that yelled at me to wake up was the devils. I blushed. Actually, I was pretty much paralyzed. Khun looked too tidy for so early in the morning.
"Come eat some lunch with us" he told me with a smile.

When I walked out, dragging my feet nervously as I walked behind Nichkhun, I was greeted with the questioning faces of 6PM.
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