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AUTHOR: Hokuto-sama/A(R)
SUMMARY: None. Theres no actual Story yet =_= Dont grammar Nazi on me yos XDD

Chapter 11: TRAITOR (PART II)

Maybe it was all some sort of dream. I mean, should I pinch myself to wake up? or continue seeing as Wooyoung stuffed a piece of his food into his mouth, while Junho handed him a napkin, Taec standing to get some juice at the fridge (scolding on how Karisa can't cook) and Khun and Junsu talking about god knows what. Then again, it could also be a nightmare, seeings as the cause of all my pain and misery was sitting next to me, stuffing at least a pound at a time of food inside himself. I actually pinched myself under the table, not knowing what to make of this situation. Karisa then went ahead and sat next to me on my other side, eating a yogurt instead of whatever the food was that everyone had.
"This is why Take out exists, OkCat" she said outloud. This pretty much confirmed that she already had known 2PM's members prior to our meeting. Weird.
"You're a girl though. Girls are supposed to know how to cook" he said back to her. Oh why, why oh why is he so HOT? I was too nervous so I hadn't eaten any of the food that had been served to me. I was actually more curious as to what was it they were all doing here. Don't they have a super busy schedule? or was that just a lie? I turned to my side, discreetly to take a peek at Chansung, who was on his 6TH PLATE of food. Does he stuff himself out of glutony? Then again, when you do weight training they require yo to eat alot of carbs, so maybe it was to get that muscular body? Junho chose that moment to sit back down after going off somewhere and he sat directly infront of me. My hand stiffened and I cluched the fork (yes, a fork) in my hand more tightlly, refusing to look up and I forced a bite down my throat. But the fangirl side of me took over enough so my eyes moved by themselves to this cutie-patootie vision. Jesus, why is there so much perfection on earth places on just ONE person?! He smiled at me when he caught my eyes on him.
"Hey Chansung, you still haven't told us about your friend" he said to Chansung, that same smile still on him. Chansung simply took a non-interested look at Junho and continued eating without saying a word until he spoke a few seconds later.
"What's there to say? This is Tails." He said, pointing at me with his left hand while his other hand was on the chopsticks in his hand.

I glared at him, but since I was infront of Junho, I was too stiff to hit him like I really wanted to.
"Stop calling me Tails" I said to him, a bit silently, enough to get a snicker out of him and for him to continue eating his food like before.
"Tails. Thats a funny name" Junho told me. Oh my god. I was talking to Junho. My heart was beating at least a thousand miles per hour.
"N-No, thats not my name" I said despite myself. What the fuck?!
"So whats your name then?" Wooyoung Joined in. Why. Are. they interrogating. me.
"I think Tails sounds funny" Junsu added, a hint of his Accent showing.
"Chansung, do you even know her real name?" Karisa asked. Chansung shot a glare at her, making her laugh.
"I know her name" he answered a few seconds later. Well, if he knows my name, WHY DOES HE KEEP SAYING MY NAME IS TAILS? Only my Really close friends can call me that. He was no where near that category.
"Whats your name Tails?" Junho asked me again.
"Sahar" I answered. My name would be harder for them to pronounce though I think.
"Sahar?" he questioned back at me. My names the freak show?
"Yes" I said, looking down. Why the hell did this make me so mortified? I looked up at him and he smiled.
"I like your name" he told me, probably to be polite at my strange and foreign name. My Face must have been glowing angry red because he started laughing as I was tongue tied. He...liked my name. My heart, oh my poor heart. I smiled even though I was really embarrassed and in my daze, I didn't notice the glare that Junho had recieved.
"Aren't you guys supposed to go somewhere?" Chansung questioned Taec, who was sitting infront of him. Taec pursed his lips and looked to another side, thinking I suppose.
"Yeah I guess we should be going now" He said and stood up. As soon as I saw Junho stand up, I death glared Chansung for ruining my precious fangirling moment, and he just stood there, oblivious, until they were out of sight, leaving Him, Karisa and me in the kitchen. Well what gives? Why isn't he going with them?
"Aren't you going with them?" I asked him voicing my thoughts. He was finally back here where he was supposed to be, but he looked as if he planned to stay here instead of doing his job.
"Of course not, people would know that I'm back" he answered as if saying it that would make the most sense in the world.
"Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out but... You ARe back" I said. Is he really this thick or was it just my imagination? He glared at me again and this time he turned around and walked away to another part of the place. I resisted to urge to follow him. Karisa turned to me as soon as he left and stood to then sit on the chair next to me.
"What was that?" She asked me. I remember her asking this before but I don't get what she's trying to tell me.
"what was what?" I asked back.
"Oh my god, don't fake dumb now tails. That hand holding, what was that?" she asked me excitedly. My mind wondered back until it found the closest memory to what she was talking about and then my stomach did that thing it only did when I was nervous. What the hell....I panicked.
"What?! what are you talking about?!" I said back to her, nervously, and I stood up from my seat in panic to get a bit far so she wouldn't see the shocked look in my face. Honestly, I had forgotten about that and now that I look back at it, what in the hell WAS that?
"Do I have to spell it out for you? Why. was. Chansung. holding. your. hand?" she asked me, slowly, as if I was the most ignorant person in the world. A third voice stopped me from speaking.
"Does Sam have e-mail?" Chansung said loudly walking back into the kitchen. Oh thank god. I didn't have to answer anything then.
"She does. Why do you need it?" I asked back to him. He signaled with his hand he wanted us to follow him.
"So we can send her a mail to tell her and the others not to move" he simply said. We arrived at the room I had been in. I assume this was also His room, a laptop open in the bed I had been on, which turned out to be Khuns and thats when I realized....I slept in his room. I wish my stomach didn't do all sorts of weird things with itself. He layed in the place I had been, the laptop at his side as he layed there, the glow of the screen on his face. I stood there. It was the only thing I could do, so dont judge me for it. He looked at me. Maybe it was th fact I looked uncomfortable. And where the hell was karisa?
"Well? Come sit" he said. Sit? Sit where?
"I'd rather stand, thanks." I said back to him. He sighed frustratingly. His sighs annoy the hell out of me.
"Do you always have to act so tough?" he asked me. He sat up.
"Come and see if Sams on" He said standing up and leaving the room, to do something else I suppose. As soon as if he was out of sight, I sat down, turning away from the door and crossing my legs, putting the laptop over them. Actually, I was more curious to check my own personal things, and so I did. I don't know, I hope he had a messenger, and he did, so I logged into my msn and found the offline messages from Sam.
I don't know if you'll check this thing, but Please do if you see it. We're worried. Where did you go D: Get back to me Love! <33
Sahar, I'm still gonna check if you come on. Theres alot of technology in korea. Answer please if you're on or get the chance.
We're all worried. A cop came to the room and asked us questions. I hope you're alright T.T Please call us, we dont have much time.

So the cops DID go to the room. My eyes widened. Sam was online afterall! But before I started speaking with her, I did something I probably shouldn't have done. Of course at they would know whats happening. What made me curious though is to WHAT they were saying. I typed in the URL and scrolled down the familiar pink and black layout until I reached the News section and I sucked in my breath. There were a million articles on Chansung, but just ONE thing caught my eye and I clicked on it.

[RUMOUR] 2PM's Chansung fled the public eye for a woman? (Edited with pictures)
A picture of the Missing member Hwang Chansung outisde a popular restaurant in Seoul has caught the eye of more than one. As blurry as the picture seems, it appears that next to the famous young star is the silhouette of...a girl? There have been speculations that The Maknae of the already troubled popular group 2PM might be following in the steps of the scandalous leader, Park Jaebum, who's recent scandal had led him to resign his position. But what exactly is going on behind the scenes of this scandalous group? And who is the mysterious person next to him? Stay tuned for updates!

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I stared at that picture as if witnessing yet another car crash in slow motion. I could definitely recognize him, since it was the clothes he had worn when we had gone to the pizza place, but it was the fact that I could see myself included in this picture that made it all the more mortifying. I closed the page as quickly as I had opened it to catch Sam, but her status showed that she had gone offline. Damn it. I should've talked to her first instead of throwing another rock to my worries I thought to myself as I stared blankly at the screen.
"You talk to her yet?" I heard over my shoulder and I jumped in surprise, almost dropping the computer. He stared at this screen with me now and he laughed as he spotted something I should have removed: My msn Icon was of HIM. My face flushed. He smirked at me.
"Shut. UP" I told him, before he even said anything, loging out and closing msn. Oh geez. Well to make matters worse, he leaned over me and I noticed I was trapped as he stared into the screen. It was my only form of defense. I could hit him, yes, but I was unconciously more nervous than I had been before. He walked around and moved next to me, laying down in the bed, taking the laptop from my hands and placing it on his chest, leaving me completely pressed against the wall. It was either the wall or him. I felt sick, I didn't have the energy to move. It was a dejavu of the hotel. My head felt a pang. He turned to me as I leaned against the wall. I'm so stupid, I should've gone to the couch.
"Whats wrong?" he asked me. He's that thick, yes he is.
"I don't feel so fabulous, isn't it obvious?" I responded. He stood up and helped me lay down. I hate you immune system. I Fuckin Hate you. He placed the covers over me, and at the same time over himself. My hands started to sweat. Now, when a guy covers you AND himself with bed sheets, it makes you wonder what the hell is going through his dirty mind. It was his bed, so this time I couldn't say anything. But I secretly wished he could show my heart some consideration and NOT do stuff like this when I'm in my dumbzone. I lifted my hand and accidentally touched his hair, which was silky and smooth, a bit frizzy since the pillow made it frizz. I left my hand there. Even girls hair doesn't feel this way. This guy is not normal.
"You are definitely a robot" I said to him for no reason.
"Weren't you asleep?" he said, closing the laptop and placing it in the floor next to the bed, then turning to me.
"Get off the bed." I said. I changed my mind. I can kick him off this bed. It was Khuns bed not his afterall.
"I don't want to" he simply said and snuggled himself a little closer to me. My mouth went dry at the contact with his bare arms. He had a shirt but it had ridden up enough to show his upper arms, which were muscular and hard. I prayed that Karisa didn't come in and find this strange situation, but at the same time I wished she did so I could stand up at the awkwardness and have her question me instead of being in this horrible, yet secretly thrilling, situation. Where the hell did she go?!?! why did she just leave me alone with this monster?!
"Do it or I'm gonna punch you in the face" I said threatening him. He was too close, I couldn't think properly with him so close. Stupid guy. Stupid star spell. Stupid Chansung. He didn't and actually he did something completely random to throw me off guard or something. He wrapped his arms around me and made me stiffen up even more. My heart was racing, my hands were shaking and I wanted to run. It was a moment of despair, even though my chest felt so tight and I felt like my heart would give in any moment, with also the most horrifying feeling of happiness and joy. I couldn't move as he moved closer to me a bit more, enough that I could feel his breath on my neck. Why must the temptation be so much lord? Why?

"You better rest up. Or else you wont be well enough to see Super Junior later" He responded, looking up at me from his position and then closing his eyes quickly.
Oh yeah, it was friday.

"Are you sure it's even here?" He said to me. Well, the paper they gave me had told me that a car would pick us up at the Hotel, but because of these unfortunate situations of extreme bad luck, We had to find our own way to the Arirang Studios. Maybe it's because he had already been there, but I had given up the thought of seeing Suju, just because I had no clue where the hell the Pops in Seoul Studios are. He, however, told me that maybe it was here, and so here we were. Karisa hadn't come along, since Chansung asked her to look after the house. Because. In his brain. Locks don't exist.
It had been quite the embarrasing scene though.
"Oh yeah, you're leaving today aren't you?" she had told me, to which I told her the details that I should be leaving tomorrow evening.

To which I told her to come along with me to the studio until Chansung found a way to ruint it for me by saying he didn't have enough for the taxi. Which was a ridiculous thing since you only pay for the TAXI not pay the taxi per person. But she smiled and gave up so quickly.
"Ok, I'll stay. But keep your hands off her, You perv" She had told Chansung, suggesting something I wish I didn't imagine mentally.

It was a ridiculous scenario.
What worried me at the moment is that I didn't have the papers that I had gotten from the contest, such as the proof that I had won, along with the V.I.P passes I had gotten in the mail and even worse, the fact that I didn't remember the time it was supposed to start. I had to go along with HIS assumptions since he had told me that usual programmings are schedule to be pre-recorded, but that didn't solve anything since I thought the paper said it was live. So I wasn't sure. Which leads back to us standing infront of the building, when in reality, HE was the one that had dragged me here on assumptions and now he was questioning whether I WAS SURE. Of course. I'm not Sure.
"Are you deaf? I told you I. Don't. Know. Let's just go" I said, and I turned around, maybe I could catch the Taxi before it left.
"Hang on a second, quitter. Let's just go in and see if they might know about this" He told me, holding his hand up, looking at the building then turning to me.
"You have an ID from your country right?" he asked me, and I nodded.
"Maybe that will be enough. Someone should know strangers came to the studio" He said and started walking.
"Thanks, that just makes it ALOT better" I said walking after him.
"What? that wasn't supposed to make you feel better" he said looking around.
"Are you familiar with sarcasm?" I said to him, sarcasticly.
"No, I'm very dense and I don't pick up when someone is saying something and meaning something else. Idiot" he said to me, when he stopped walking. I wonder if its really that fun to piss me off. He certainly had a knack for it. How many times has this happened?
"We're in a studio. You are supposed to be missing still. You are here. You wanna do the math or should I?" I said.
"I know what I'm doing, don't worry about me" He said.
"Oh please, don't kid yourself. We've been through this a million times before. I'm not doing this on any means of protecting you from what you should be getting" I said back to him. At that moment, I felt a Yank on my hair. What the hells with everyone pulling my hair? I turned around, thinking that maybe we had gotten caught but I was pleasently surprised to see the four greatest people in the world standing there.
"Where have you been Tails?!?!" Alma scolded me.
"We were worried sick, you bitch!" Emily told me, with that tone she only got when she was really upset.
"I'm sorry!" I said to them. I felt more at ease seeing my friends and I went to give all of them a huge hug, which they reacted in suprise.
"Yo Sam" Chansung told Sam as she stopped hugging me.
"Hey Chansung oppa" she told him.
More importantly, since they were here, they must have gotten picked up from the hotel to here.
"I figured you would be here, something told me your E.L.F side would bring you here" Min Told me. I smiled. They know me way too well.
"Should we go in?" Sam Said.
"Wait, I didn't bring--"
"Don't worry, we got ya covered" Min said and all four of them showed me the passes and mine. Oh my god, I love them so much! But my happiness left me as I noticed there was now six of us. What about Chansung? I unconciously turned to him, and in his hand, he had a Pass of his own.
"I knew you'd worry about me" He told me with a smirk. I did my only defense against him ang glared. We all made our way inside. I still don't understand why he had no fear of being recognize but as of now, with what was about to happen, it's his funeral not mine. When we arrived, I took a glance at the love of my life, Kyuhyun. But for some reason, the feeling of the star behind me made me more uneasy right now.
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