The Future Mrs. Tatsuya (hokuto_sama) wrote,
The Future Mrs. Tatsuya

This journal is.....

Behold the Angelic Uedas wings!! XD

Well Basically, if you want to friend me, there are some things you should be warned about ROFL know. If you don't care and wanna friend anyways, Please be sure to LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE! Other wise I might not add ya back. And yes I'm a Byotch that way.

Most of My Basic Info is (or will eventually be) on my profile Page

But First....
*Every Motnth, My LJ features and artist. Either I'm fangirling them, or I find a REALLY nice pic so if you friend me, expect a change monthly.
*If You haven't already Noticed, UEDA TATSUYA is the RULER and KING of "The Shining Polaris" so if you don't like, STFU. I wont deal with the bashing if This guy AT ALL only I can bash him...and all the Ueda fans XD

Some things about me~
1. I like KAT-TUN..obviously. You don't like? I don't Care! It's my fandom so xp XD
2. I have alot of fandoms but mostly I fangirl over KAT-TUN, TVXQ, Kis-my Ft2 and Big Bang. and yes, I heart ALL of JE as well.
3. I like drawing and art.
4. I'm actually quite a fashion freak so I tend to talk about the brands that I like and the things that I wish I could afford ROFL. AND KATE MOSS IS MY IDOL! so I will probably sometimes post some of her FABULOUS pictures.
5. I curse a hell of a lot but I wont to people who don't curse.
6. I tend to get philosophical from time to time in my posts so...yeah if you don't like to read, you might not want to friend me ROFL
7. I like making REAL FRIENDS with the people in my f-list so if you're here adding me to increase the number of people in your F-list, yeah, you're gonna get deleted.

and anything else, go ahead and ask. I dont bite so Yoroshiku ne^^

*btw, All the Graphics/Visuals in my LJ are made by ME. So please don't steal anything that I make. It's for my personal Use only and I will be really PO'd if I see anyone else take it....I know, I know...They're Not the greatest graphics ever but at least comment+credit if you're gonna take anything.

I Support Park Jaebeom♥

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